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Monday, October 6, 2014

Shortest Flight to China from the U.S.

Hainan International Airlines of China is truly one of the best services to China.  Departing now from Boston, Chicago and Seattle with connecting low cost flights from many U.S. cities.  Non-stop flights from Chicago, Boston and Seattle with free air from California and Oregon to Seattle.  Seattle to Beijing non-stop is only 10 hours leaving and arriving at convenient hours.  From Seattle you arrive just in time for dinner and a good nights sleep.  Some airlines arrive in the late evening with less costly landing fees but inconvenient to you.  Hainan Air flies the new 787 Boeing aircraft that is smooth and has great service.  Business class is similar to other's First Class and has seats that open up flat for a good nights rest.  They even have  pajamas it you like and soft comforters and pillows.

The flight is very scenic flying up the Canadian coast, Alaska, the Aleutian islands and the Bering Sea, down across Siberia and into Beijing.  You depart from Seattle at 1:00 p.m.  and arrive in Beijing the following day at 5:00 p.m. having sunshine the whole way.  Returning home you can watch the sunrise over Alaska as you fly down to Seattle arriving during the late morning.   There are flights from Hong Kong or Shanghai connecting in Beijing to fly non-stop to Seattle, Boston or Chicago too.    Ask for a quote and check my web site for both  Packaged Tours and our specialty is doing Customized Private tours to your interests and needs. 
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Which Tour Should I buy to See China?

I have been teaching a class on Touring China for 15 years at local Universities and Community Colleges.   I have travelled throughout China and Tibet for 26 years.  One of the questions I get asked often is "How do I determine which tour to buy?"    Most people determine how much time they have available and then start checking tours either on the internet or with a local travel agent.  I have to agree it is difficult at best to compare tours without a great deal of knowledge about the country so most end up looking at Prices.  The cost of the tour should of course be on your list of considerations but should be down the list of your needs.  It is easy to compare international air costs which get you to China and back.   Nothing is worse than buying a poor tour and having to stick it out going home dissatisfied.   You spend a great deal of money so you should see what you are interested in and be comfortable with your tour arrangements.  Checking with tour operators you should ask for a list of references of their past clients.  If they can not furnish one, then you can eliminate them.  If you are just interested in seeing China in a general way, then a small group tour of 15 people or less or a private packaged tour is a good choice.  If you have specific interests and needs, then a Private Custom Tour to your interests and needs is a better choice from an experienced Tour Operator who specializes in China.   

For more information on touring China please contact me at   without any pressure to purchase a tour from my company.  My friends call me "ChinaDave" from Seattle.