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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Applying for a Chinese Visa

A Visa is needed to go to China. You may download the application form from the Chinese Embassy web site or obtain the forms and instructions from your tour operator. The cost is about $180 per visa plus the Fedex charge as you must send in your passport with the application and you need to be able to trace it. If you live in a city where there is a Chinese Consulate you can appear in person and only need to pay the visa fee alone. It takes two days unless you are getting a rush visa which costs more. The visa is valid for a 30 day period and that starts the day you enter China. You should apply for the visa about 30 days before your departure. Your passport MUST be valid 6 months past the time you depart from China according to Chinese law. You should make a photo copy of both your passport and your visa and carry it with you in your luggage. American Passports are worth $20,000. on the black market in China which is a great incentive for pick pockets and thieves. Always keep your passport in a secure area. Most hotel rooms have a safe in them and you set your own combination for safety. If you carry your passport with you, carry it in a pouch around your neck or a inside s secure pocket. For any questions, contact me at ChinaDave

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