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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Private Custom Tours

Hi, I am Dave or as my friends call me "ChinaDave". I have been planning private custom tours for clients from all over the world for over 25 years. I live in Seattle but have been working in China with my Chinese Associates for all of those years helping them develop our own tours for western tourists. It is a large country and you can't see it all in one trip so you might as well see what interests you most and how you want to travel and tour. 90% of our business is customized private tours for individuals and groups who come to us with their own needs and interests. I personally inspect hotels, sights, shows (all the good ones and many of the poor ones to weed them out for you) and restaurants which is my favorite to do. I look for interesting places to take people like the family we found making the black pottery in their home for 8 generations in a remote area of Yunnan province. If you want the real experience of visiting China and getting into the culture from taking a cooking class, biking in the countryside, visiting families in their homes, to whatever interests you personally, we can arrange it in your tour. Private tours go at your pace and with your comfort and interests in mind. Take a look at our web site and our blog here with over 300 stories and photos that I have written. . I actually experience everything in China before I recommend it to my clients. I look forward to planning a tour just for you. Tours to China is our business; but our real passion is the culture and the people. I would like to share this wonderful ancient culture with you as well as the friendly people of China.  Take a look at my web site:  

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