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Monday, November 1, 2010

Restaurants in the Remote Areas

In the very remote areas of China when there are no cities, there are often very small road side restaurants. One only needs to inspect them to see if they are clean. Since just about all Chinese food is cooked in a wok or boiled. I have never gotten sick. Above I was traveling with two friends and it was time for lunch. There were no cities close by so we stopped at a road side out of doors restaurant. My friend Mr. Li loves to cook so he went in and took over the cooking duties and made one of his favorite dishes. We enjoyed his cooking but paid the same amount as if the owner had cooked it too. Having good friends in China always seems to lead from one adventure to another. If you would like to take a cooking lesson in China, we now have half day or full day cooking lessons available if you are on a tour with us. You will learn to pick out the ingredients at the market and then take them back to the school and learn hands on cooking from the experts. Our business is Tours To China and we love having you learn more about the culture too. Check out our web site at We can do a private tour just for you.

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