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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chinese Style Hotels

As a China and Tibet Tour Operator for the past 25 years, I am often asked by clients to book a Chinese style hotel. Major hotels in China are often similar to western style hotels and some very modern with unique decorations. Many old Chinese hotels are now being remodeled with western facilities but with prices to match. There are new hotels also being built in the Chinese traditional style such as the one above. The Wang Fu Hotel in LiJiang is one of my favorites built around court yards often with ponds, arched bridges, plantings and small tea houses. The Wang Fu hotel is in a quiet area of LiJiang although they have a dance most evenings around a bon fire in front of the hotel. A western/Chinese buffet breakfast is included in the bright sunny restaurant which you see above. There is a 4 star wing and new 5 star wing added which gives you a choice of accommodations. The remodeled old traditional small Chinese hotels are available but often at very high prices because of limited rooms but do offer luxury accommodations. There is a trend to some high luxury hotels which I will write about in the coming months starting at $500 to $2500per night for those who want an exceptional experience in a luxury hotel. Tours to China is our business but our real passion is the culture.

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