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Friday, March 29, 2013

And this little Piggy goes to market!

Donkey carts and horse drawn wagons etc. are mostly disappearing from the cities these days except in the rural areas.  This man I found on a motorcycle taking a very large pig to market after he killed it at home as we came into the metro area of Chengdu.  One can still see chickens and ducks being taken to market in small trucks and on occasion beef and sheep; but this was a first for me to see and I had to take a photo.

Now and then I see something that would make a good photo but do not have my camera with me.  So I now take a smaller camera with me at all  times when in China just in case I see something unusual and interesting. A few years ago we were in a small village and a passenger bus came through and on the top of the bus were wooden cages of about 200 white geese all with their long necks sticking out facing front.  Seeing those geese with their
orange beaks riding on top of a bus like they were on tour was extremely funny and I didn't have my camera.   Live and Learn!  China is a photographers paradise.  One client took over 7000 pictures and had a book made with their notes and photos of everything they saw. Photos make good memories so you can relive your adventures many times over.   Click on the photo for a full screen view!  

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