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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

When you first arrive in Beijing and want to have an easy day to get over the time change, a good place to visit is Tiananmen Square.   It is an easy walk or short taxi ride from most central area hotels.  It is the Largest Square in the world and there are four sights around there to visit.  This photo I took from the tower at the entrance to the Forbidden City across the street from the Square.  To the left is the Museum on the Revolution.  Straight ahead is Mao's Tomb where you can see his preserved body in a glass container.  To the right is one of my favorite places to visit is the Great Hall of the People which is never included on any tour.   The government meets here in the large auditorium holding 10,000 people.   There are also State receptions and dinners held here and may be closed during those times.  There are also many large reception rooms each decorated according to each Province in China.  You can see

these rooms through glass windows.  The wide halls and stairways are usually covered with heavy dark red carpeting and marble.  Just a nice walk to these sights can be interesting seeing  local people on the streets and you will get the feeling of being in a World Capital for sure.     Click on the photo for a full screen view.

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