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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Night Markets Vs. Restaurants

As a tour operator I get many questions about food and restaurants.  The "Night Markets" are common in China where booths are set up and food prepared to eat there on the streets or in a sheltered building.  These are primarily for people who do not want to cook and is convenient to have a light supper since the main meal of the day in China is mid day.  It takes a great deal of work to prepare Chinese food and especially single people find it more easy to eat out than to buy food, prepare and cook it.  They are like out door buffets which tourists find interesting and colorful.  They range from one person cooking over gas or charcoal in an alley or on the street to what you see here.  One is a Buffet where you select what you want and pay by the plate or bowl.  The other is a full block of street vendors selling just about anything you desire.  You select the food and they will cook it right there for you.  Not all Night Markets are as uniform and clean as this one in Beijing as you will find.  I do not recommend eating there however not knowing how long some foods have remained out of refrigeration.   Restaurants seem a much better choice and there are many of them as Chinese  people love to eat out.
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