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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Lhasa Train

I was reading in ITN magazine a report from a couple who were disappointed in their train trip from Beijing to Lhasa.  It wasn't what they had expected thinking it was a super modern train perhaps like the new Fast Trains in China.  Pictured here is the Lhasa train which is not unlike most trains in China other than the new Fast Trains.  The cars are equipped with oxygen somewhat like an airplane.  They even have extra oxygen tubes in each car.  Otherwise they are like  most of the trains in China.
The photo here is the First Class compartments that have two upper and two lower berths.  During the day the  people in the upper berths can sit with the people on the lower berths.  Sheets and blankets are provided.  There is plenty of room to store luggage.  The trains of course travel at night as well as during the day so the scenery is only during the day part of the trip.  I myself have ridden from Lhasa/near Xian down to Chengdu and finally Chongqing.   I took the train so as a Tour Operator I could give first hand information on it.  I too was a bit disappointed expecting much more.  You MUST book first class as second class is  quite crowded and they allow smoking in those cars.  The dining room is fair but the food is train food and I suggest taking food with you.  Tea is available and there are sellers with carts selling snacks and drinks also during the trip.  For more information on the Lhasa train, contact me at   My friends call me ChinaDave.
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