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Monday, March 24, 2014

Researching Your China Travel

China is a very large and diverse country with many cultures within a culture.  Most people have 2 to 3 weeks  to see such a large country.  In order to see the most important sites that you may be interested in you need to do a lot of research.  Start with a travel book just on China.  You will find them in your favorite travel or book store.  Next look up some of the sites and areas of China that you are interested in on the internet.  Reading Blogs on China such as mine here are very helpful and there are many.   Next determine the time of year you want to travel and your budget.  This all takes a great deal of time but a well planned tour is valuable for your  enjoyment.   As a Tour Operator just to China who does mostly Private Customized tours to the customers interests, I send inquiries a Profile Sheet to fill out with their specific interests and needs.    I then outline these areas for you to do further research on the internet or travel books.  If those areas meet your needs, I then fill out the details of sites to visit based on your Profile Sheet interests.  After 25 years of travel in China and sending over 2,500 people there, I am able to give each and every client their specific interests.  You can't possibly see it all in one trip so you should see what you are most interested in rather than see some general sights that you have little interest in a stock tour.  Some people love museums and others do not as an example.  Many group tours have many museums in their tours which are usually 1/2 day visits.   For more information contact us at:   or email:  
People call me ChinaDave.   You can also find me on Frommer's Forum answering questions of travel.

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