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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

China Questions Answered!

I have been a tour operator to China for 25 years and now semi-retired but still am doing customized private tours.  I have sent over 2,500 people to my Chinese partners who are responsible for their tours.  I do the planning with the experience of travel throughout China during my 55 trips in 25 years.  I do not lead tours but work with local travel services all over China keeping personally in touch with the many changes in China.  I inspect hotels, teach classes in their University Guide schools advising them on what western people are interested in.   I have sailed on the Yangtze River cruises 8 times watching the development of the famous Yangtze River Dam.  There is little I have not done in all these years which has been so interesting learning and seeing everything possible working 7 days a week and usually spending a month with each trip.  My Blog here I started about 5 years ago and has been read by over 56,000  people.  I go back and up date each entry with the latest information as China is changing so fast.  Just last week the Government is now requiring us to provide passport picture pages for all train reservations.  I wrote about buying train tickets earlier which can be difficult at times. This is my 365th post for my blog and most of the photos I have taken myself.   I write everything I can think of that may be of interest to anyone either going on a tour or is planning on taking a tour of China or Tibet.  What I would like is some input from people who read blogs and especially mine what information they would like me to write about.  Your input is important to me.  Sometimes I am too close to the subject matter and overlook some information that people might want to know for their plans.  Blogs are often better than travel books as we can update information that often changes as well as government regulations and visa requirements.
Please email me at:  for information you would like me to write about.
You will not be added to any spam list and not hear back from me unless you ask me.  I am getting ready to fully retire in the next couple years and I have a wealth of information in my head and in my office just on China and Tibet.  I love sharing this information to help people not only for their own planning but to understand Chinese Culture and Chinese People.  (continue below the photos)

 I do have a book called  "Encountering the Chinese" which is a must for anyone who will be visiting directly with Chinese people during their activities in China.  The Book is  $24.95 Post Paid if you would like a copy. Mail a check for $24.95 to Interlake China Tours, Inc.  P.O. Box 33652   Seattle, WA. 98133          My friends call me  "ChinaDave" and I look forward to hearing from you.  You might enjoy my photo album with over 900 photos too.

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