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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tips on Flying in China

Flying in China is as modern as any country now with the latest of equipment and facilities. You will marvel at the new Beijing Airport which is now the largest in the world and the Shanghai International Airport with their Magnetic Levitation train that takes 7 minutes to get into the Shanghai central area and travels at
280 mph. There are not as many flights as in the U.S. and all flights as you will see will be full in a country with the world's largest population but about the same size as the U.S. You may book domestic China flights from the U.S. through a U.S. carrier however the cost is about 30% more that purchasing in China and must be reconfirmed at each departure city. If it does not appear in the computer you may end up buying another ticket. Different country; different rules. You must check in for your flight at least 1/2 hour before flight time or you become a stand by. This allows time for stand bys to be able to check in and as you will see there is always many of them. Luggage does not automatically get transferred in China when there is a change of planes stop in between your departure city and destination unless it is the same plane. You must get off the plane, pick up your luggage and check back in for your next flight. If it is a through flight on the same plane, then this is not necessary but you still must get off the plane and re board using your same seat. Kunming is one of these hubs. For more information on Flying in China, email me at My 25 years experience in China and being a China Tour Operator doing Tours to China only has given me a wide back ground in travel within China.   My Web site is:

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