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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wild Goose Pagoda Park is New in Xian

If you have not been to China in the last five years, there are many new sites as well as some old sites that have had a "make-over". The Wild Goose Pagoda Park in Xian is one of them. I stopped listing it for a few years as a sight for my clients to visit until this past year when I was there and mentioned it to my local associate company that I work with in my tour business. They took me over to see the new changes with a beautiful landscaped park featuring many bronze statues scattered through out the park. My photo above is one where a barber is cutting a man's hair. Of course I have no hair so my guide thought it very funny. People in China do not shave their heads as some of us do. The high light of the changes was a beautiful large pool with Dancing Waters to the sounds of classical music. It is truly remarkable and of course I have it now back in my sites to see for my clients who have the time and interest in seeing it. Each year during my month long working tour I must comb the country to see all the changes in order to keep up to date with the thousands of interesting sites in China both old as they are discovered and the new which are so innovative. My web site is  

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