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Monday, November 16, 2009

Recommended Reading Materials for China

When planning a trip to China you should read as much as you can. China is a large country the size of the U.S. and one can not see all of the country in just one visit. So plan on going to areas in which you have the most interests in the amount of time that you have available. Two to three weeks is about average. Travel books are often outdated the day they are printed as China changes so quickly; but they give you a good idea about what to see in the country. The Lonely Planet Series on China is excellent for detailed information but again some information is out dated too. Fromers is another one. A DVD called "Wild China" by the BBC is excellent with 6 hours of beautiful scenery in the remote areas of China. Rent the tape "The Last Emperor" which will give you some great insights to the Forbidden City in Beijing before you go. Read blogs like mine here and there are many more on the internet giving you up to date information on travel in China. "Encountering the Chinese - A Guide for Americans" is another must read book. If you can not find it in the book stores, I always have copies on hand that I ship post paid for $25. Contact me at if you would like a copy. The better prepared you are for a visit to China the more you will enjoy your trip. I went for my first visit in 1989 and have made 50+ more since then. I never fail to come home without new stories and adventures to talk about...thus my blog with now over 300 stories and tips on visiting China. Tours to China is my business; but my real passion is the culture and the country.

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