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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Requirements to Visit Tibet

Tibet has become more popular in the last few years probably due to the new train that goes there or the publicity it has received. Please be aware that a special permit is needed to visit Tibet and your Chinese Visa does not cover it. The permit can be obtained while in China but it is better to apply before you leave your country. Your tour operator can apply for you in advance as part of your tour. A clear copy of your passport photo page is required along with information as to your employment. You may be denied in some cases if you are a journalist or employed by what the government feels is a sensitive position. Tibet is at 10,000 feet above sea level and most people feel the altitude since you feel it instantly after getting off a pressurized plane. A local remedy in Lhasa is a mixture of brown sugar and ginger made into a tea with hot water. Upon arrival you normally will rest for several hours to adjust to the altitude. If you are taking the train, the train is pressurized as well. For more information on Travel in and to Tibet contact us at and visit our web site at
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It now requires a minimum of 5 people in a group from the same country to enter Tibet with a permit.  Less than 5 people will be denied a permit.  (my wife and hiking buddy were denied in 2012 because there were only the tour of them.  They hiked Sichuan province then were it was even better and no tourists in the mountains with Tibetan people living there.

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