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Monday, December 21, 2009

Guides and Shopping

Shopping with Guides in China often gets a bad reputation. Guides can obtain commissions sometimes from shop keepers who give them a kick back for bringing you to their shops. This can only happen IF YOU LET THEM! Be firm when you meet your guide and tell them you do not want to spend your valuable time shopping when you came to see the sites of China. If you are looking for some specific items to buy; your guide may be your best source of information and recommendation. Last trip I wanted a specific kind of rug in the Muslim area. My Muslim guide took me to the best place and I negotiated a fair price. The guide may have received a small commission but it is what I wanted in a rug and it was o.k. with me. When I plan a tour for clients, there are places to visit for bargains or factory outlets where you can see the products being made which is very interesting. You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY anything of course. When planning a tour, advise your tour consultant if you are not interested in any shopping or may be looking for specific items. There is a saying in China "If you like; Buy it" Because you may not see it again anywhere. I passed up a Jade piece last year that I loved and came back this year and of course it was gone. Art pieces are usually one of a kind. For more shopping tips, email me and I will give you some advice. Tours To China is my only destination with over 20 years experience in travel through out China.

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