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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Visiting Local People in China

One of the most rewarding experiences in China is meeting the local people. It is common to visit people in their homes especially in the countryside. No door bells so your guide can just shout out or inquire to people if it is o.k. to visit. Chinese people are very hospitable and will invite you in for tea while they continue to do their work and you can talk to them through your guide. Above is a photo of a farm family I visited a few years ago and was invited to stay for dinner as her husband was retiring that day from teaching school in the village and would be bringing home special food to celebrate. I stayed and enjoyed myself with her whole family. The other photo is a man I met who was slicing bamboo strips for his wife to sell in the market for people who made baskets. It was his way of contributing to the family. I was only the second white person he ever had seen. Of course I had to ask who was the first. "a naked lady on a stage in Chengdu in 1941" was his answer. I guess I must have been a disappointment to him! I have visited over 100 families in their homes in the 21 years that I have travelled throughout China and I count those experiences as some of the best I have ever had during that time. Tours to China is my business but my passion is Chinese culture and people.

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