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Friday, January 8, 2010

Sand Dunes at Crescent Lake in Dunhuang

For people from Seattle who are use to Green and Mountains, the Sand Dunes at Crescent Lake in Dunhuang on the Silk Road is a treat. Above my wife gives us the High Sign that she enjoyed climbing up the sand dunes although you can also take a camel too. Crescent Lake is below although very small now at the edge of the oasis is a great place to visit the desert. Dunhuang, a very small town in the desert, has the world famous Dunhuang Mogao Caves of precious Buddhist Art in over 700 caves. Next to Crescent Lake is an ancient Tea House for those who want to enjoy the scenery while others may want to climb the Dunes and take a sled down and slide to the bottom. Many take a camel caravan up the Dunes which is much easier than a horse and more comfortable....however I always suggest picking out a two hump one. Near by is the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel in a desert style which serves breakfast on the roof overlooking the Dunes. Late August through September is the best time to visit the Silk Road for best weather. Early Spring is the second best time. Summers can be hot and winters very cold. Check our web site for Tours of China and our China Tour Packages. As a China Tour Operator we do China only and have for over 25 years. Private and Custom Tours are our specialty to China and Tibet.

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