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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yangtze River Cruise......or Not!

Clients often ask me if the cruise is worth going on or some question if it is good anymore since the dam is finished and some think Cruises are finished. The answer is the Yangtze River Cruise is better than ever. Take it from someone who has cruised 5 times on the Yangtze watching the changes and the progress of the dam. It is finished now and its GREAT. Here is a few things to consider. How much time do you have in China? The cruise takes four days out of a schedule minimum. It is very relaxing in the middle of a busy touring schedule but at the same time so many interesting things to see and do plus the meeting of so many people. Cabins are not large as these are River Boats but Suites can be ordered and little time is actually spent in your cabin with so many activities and things to do around and on top of the boats. Day excursions are included too. Be careful about Tour companies who do not list the boat Line or advise you of a very special price being offered. You do not want to book a boat such as the white one heading straight on. Cruises range from $250 to $1000 per person and up for suites which includes everything on the boat. You do not want to book one for $250 or you will be extremely unhappy. For recommendations on what lines to use, contact me at Interlake China Tours to China is my only business as a China Tour Operator located in Seattle with over 20years experience doing China Tours.

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