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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tipping in China

I have had many clients ask me about Tipping in China. It use to be that in China, tipping was forbidden and was considered western bribery. With the Opening of China during the early 1990's that has changed "a little". Tipping of guides and drivers of tour companies is now done as well as Bell Hops in hotels who take your luggage to your room. In the hotels there is a charge of 10 to 15% already in the hotel cost so indeed there is no tipping in the hotels. Small gifts or spare change left in the room for maids who may have been especially kind or did some extra small service for you is appropriate however. A taxi driver is very well paid so you only need to round off the yuan from the Jiaro or cents. Several years ago taxi costs were reduced because taxi drivers were making too much money. In restaurants the situation is the same. A service charge is already in the cost of the food. Any tip left on the table must be given to the restaurant owner. So basically there is very little tipping in China other than with a tour for the guides who are professionals and go to Guide schools. Bus and private car drivers also get tipped but about half per day as a guide depending on the amount of driving required. For more information on Tipping contact me at Tours to China for over 23 years is our business and our only business. We specialize in Private Custom Tours for individuals and organizations. Our web site will give you more details at

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