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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Using Guides in China

I firmly believe that if you fail to use a guide you miss much of what China is all about. It is thought that guides are expensive which they are not. Some people say they do not like to be led around by guides and like to explore on their own. You will miss a lot and guides can point out so much as well as explain things to you as China is so different from Europe or our own countries. Frank Liu pictured above with my wife and I is more than a guide and has become a wonderful friend and manager of his company. Wendy pictured above is a local guide in a small town who can take you on a bike ride into the countryside and show you sights that you would never find on your own to get a real first hand experience. So many people have told me after going with her what she meant to their trip and she loves children too. In China guides are licensed by the State and pay no entrance fees to sights. The majority of guides have gone to Guide Schools at which I have lectured many times in order to give them information on working with Western people and to listen to their concerns too. They are schooled in local history of their area and a wealth of information on every day Chinese culture. Guides are trained in handling any emergencies so you are always in good hands. Guides are really like having a friend who is proud to show you their city or area. Tours to China is my business and I want you to not only see China but to experience China. Guides are the key to that experience.

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