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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visiting Tibet

As a Tour Operator to China since 1992, I travel each year to China checking new places to visit, inspecting hotels and restaurants as well as looking at new places and sites for my clients. I have been to Tibet a few years ago but with all the changes going on, I must go to Tibet more often. The new train to Lhasa is only one of the many changes. I took that train down the mountains to Chongqing where I boarded a new boat of the Century Line to sail the Yangtze River for the 7th time. Lhasa has changed a lot with new hotels, parks and growth. How it has affected the people and the city will be interesting to note. I try to experience everything when I am working in China so that I can recommend places for my clients to visit that aren't always on the normal touristy list and are interesting to their particular interests. Part of every good tour is viewing the culture either in their homes or in their places of gathering. One needs to see the Potala Palace of course which is only open during the morning hours and there is a limit of so many people per day controlled by the number of tickets available.  I also like visiting people in their homes which reveals much about their culture and the opportunity to visit with them through a guide who speaks the language.  Tours to China is my business but the culture is my passion.
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