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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hotels in China on the Internet

As a tour operator to China for 25 years I get many questions on hotels. There are a variety of hotels usually based on stars. The minimum you want to stay in unless you are a Back Packer is a 3 star hotel. 4 star hotels are probably the best value and 5 star hotels are the best available. However there are several levels in each category too with varying prices. Some hotels have two buildings with differing prices having a 5 star one and a 3 or 4 star one; so be careful about which room you are booking. One prospective client insisted that there was a room for $100 a night at what is listed as a 5 star Hotel in Xian. Indeed they did when I checked although I knew the hotel well. It was in the second building and was a very small room, no breakfast, service charge which is usually 15% to 20% and tax included at that cost. After the above were added in the cost of the room was $182. Big surprise when you check out. That same hotel in the new building on the Business Floor which the breakfast, service charge and tax included is $285 per night. There is no tipping in the hotels in China except maybe the bell boy for taking your luggage to the room and then a minimum. The service charge covers all tipping services. For more information on hotels, feel free to contact us at   Click on the photo for a full screen view.  

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