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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buying Air Tickets To China

When you buy an air ticket to China be sure to check all the details. R/T tickets to Hong Kong are sometimes less costly than to Beijing or Shanghai but that is because of the competition of so many airlines going there. Bottom line it isn't always the cheapest way to China. From the U.S. you fly right by Beijing and Shanghai on the way to Hong Kong. Most people want to go to Beijing or other places in China and then have to fly back to Hong Kong to take their international flight home that they bought so reasonable. They forget that if you want to go to Beijing, it is about $400 one way from Hong Kong to Beijing and a long flight. One family I did a tour for bought their cheap tickets to Hong Kong and then came to me to do their tour wanting to go to Beijing first. They should have flown first to Beijing and then exit out of Hong Kong saving $2000. Going home from Hong Kong you fly right past Beijing which is about 2.5 hours fly time. Check out the map above and you will see that the shortest route to China is from Seattle up the coast of Canada, Alaska over the Aleutian islands, across Siberia and into Beijing. If you go to Hong Kong it is another 2.5 hour flight longer. From Seattle to Beijing non-stop is 11 hours flat. Leaving early afternoon and arriving in Beijing the next day at about 5:00 in the afternoon just in time for dinner. Connecting flights from most major cities in the U.S. to Seattle and back have a very low cost connecting flights from California or Oregon. Cheapest is not always better or cheaper. New non-stop Hainan Airlines flights from Chicago and Boston to Beijing are now available.  Newly added direct flight to Shanghai from Seattle and direct flight from San Jose to Beijing.  Click on the map for a full screen view!

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Ganesh Kumar said...

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