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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Use of Credit Cards in China

Some credit cards may be used in China but not as much as in other countries. The common ones used are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diner's Club. These can be used in hotels, department stores, factory outlets and some of the better restaurants. All have charges with them for their use. I use a Debit Card from my Stock Brokerage company issued as a Visa. They pay all the charges and I get the best exchange rate also. There are ATM machines now more common in the larger cities than in the countryside where it is difficult at best to exchange money, and use any card. When going into the countryside or small cities it is best to have cash. There are exchange counters in all major hotels in the large cities with a fair exchange rate and a very small commission added for the convenience of the guests. Traveler's Checks use to be the best as they got the best exchange rate although for some reason they would not take Visa Travelers Checks. American Express are the best for acceptance although few banks in the U.S. sell them anymore. When going into the countryside it is best to carry as much yuan as you think you will need as it may be difficult to exchange money or find an ATM. For more questions on Money and money exchange contact us at with your questions.

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