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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Biking in China

One of the best places for biking in China is near Guilin around the town of Yangshuo. After taking the Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, stay a few extra days and enjoy the beautiful countryside here amongst the karst hills. You can rent a bike for about $3 a day. Above you see I was enjoying visiting the local people with a local guide I know having lunch at her home and enjoying a peaceful day with many bike trails available. My shirt actually reads that "I have No Money". It was a hit amongst the local people as they didn't think I knew what it said. The area is very flat except for the rock hills so it is easy biking. You can even put your bike on a small boat and take the boat down to the next town and ride back too. When touring China it is good to take a day or two off and just rest and enjoy the local culture. Yangshuo is a good place to do that and there is a fantastic River Show here at night to enjoy too. Tours to China is our business so let us plan a tour just for you to some of the wonderful places I have visited for the past 25 years during my travels through out China and Tibet. Check out my web site at:   

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