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Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking Photos of Chinese People

In most parts of the world we can take photos of just about anything including people. In China in some museums or sites you will see the international sign of a camera with a line through it. That means No Photos Permitted. If in doubt, ask your guide or someone within the facility. When it comes to people you should ask permission to take their photo. #1 this is only common courtesy. #2 Some Chinese people especially in the countryside are very superstitious and do not want their picture taken. Either point to your camera and then to the person or ask your guide to inquire for you. Often you will get a smile back but a shaking of the head "No". Or a smile and perhaps a bit of posing which means it is o.k. Without this courtesy you might receive a violent reaction from the person so be careful. In many museums and sites it is o.k. to take pictures without flash if there are no signs forbidding the taking of photos. The Shanghai Museum is one of them and I have some wonderful shots of pieces taken from tombs. China is a paradise for photographers so enjoy taking photos but be sure to ask permission. For more information on photography contact us at Tours to China is our business for 25 years and photography is my hobby.

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