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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Last Matriarchal Society in China

The last Matriarchal society in China are the Mosuo people who live around Lugu lake at 8,000 feet about 7 hours drive across 4 mountains from LiJiang in north Yunnan province on the border of Sichuan province. The society has changed a little over the last 25 years that I have visited it, but I still enjoy this colorful minority group. New modern hotels are now available and one of the mountain tops is being leveled to allow an airport to be built in the future which will bring a flood of tourists. Presently few tourists reach this area and it is still pristine area to visit. You can even rent a dug out canoe or go with the Mosuos for a tour of two islands in the lake with one of them having a small Monastery with a few monks that you may visit. There is a show each evening with Mosuo dancing and traditional music mostly for the few tourists however the local people also like this show too. There is no real city, just a small village on the lake. The Mosuo tradition of not marrying is still common and it is quite interesting to visit them and learn about their culture. Although remote, there are small restaurants available with local food and fresh fish from the lake. In a few years this will all change with so many tourists coming so plan on visiting them soon or in the next couple years. Let my 25 years of experience in China help you plan a China and/or Tibet tour just for you. Click on the photos for full size screen.

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