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Monday, December 8, 2014

One Expense We Forget

One expense most people forget about is laundry.  Most hotels in the cities have laundry service.  Leave it in the morning and it is back by night. On my recent trip I collected laundry lists from several hotels.  I chose a 4 star hotel in Shanghai as the best example.  3 star hotels are a bit less and 5 star hotels a bit more.  Laundry does not always include Pressing in many hotels.  That is extra.   Here is an average cost:   Man's Shirt  $6  pressing $4.    Pair of Men's Jeans.  $7.00 and $4 for pressing.    For women as example, a blouse is $6 and $4 for pressing if needed.  A dress is $9 and $6 for pressing.  Ladies slacks are $6 and $5 for pressing.  This is in the larger cities of course and less costly in the smaller or remote areas.  In the remote mountain areas however it may take more than one day as most hotels do not have dryers and clothes are hung out to dry. As you can see during a two or three week's trip that cost can add up.  My wife and I have polyester/nylon shirts and pants when we travel.  These can be washed by hand in your hotel room.  You flatten them out on a bath towel and then roll it up.  You then squeeze the tube to get some of the water out.  Then leave it for about 2 hours to let the water soak into the towel.  You then hang them on the string across the bathtub in all hotels and they usually dry over night.  Cotton clothing dries very slowly and usually takes a couple of days.  For more tips on travel in China, email us at     My Name is Dave and I am always glad to answer your questions without expecting your tour business.  You might enjoy viewing my photo album of China  and web site at


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