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Friday, January 23, 2009

China Lakes and Mountains

Many people think of China as large cities with millions of people. While this is true China has some of the most beautiful wild scenery in the world yet untouched. Above is Heavenly Lake with the mountains in the background. This is located just outside of Urumqi In Xinjinag province. It is one of the most favorite Honeymoon spots in all of China. It is often visited by taking a Silk Road Tour located in northwest China. On the way from Urumqi are Yurts that you can either have lunch, dinner or even stay the night for a unqiue experience. A new DVD available by the BBC is called "Wild China" and is available from 9 hours of fantastic beautiful remote China. I just watched it and it is the best I have seen and really gives you some insights to many of the remote places you may visit without hords of foreign tourists. For more information and insights you might check out my web site at or contact me directly at I will be going up on the Silk Road this fall checking out some of the new spots that I have not visited in my 25 years of travel within China. Tours to China is my business. Travel through out China is my Passion.   Click on the photo for a full screen view.

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