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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silk Thread Tapestry Art

One of the things I love doing in China is looking for art work that is exceptional. One never knows where you will find it in China. Old hand carved wooden windows, temples being torn down, remote villages with shops or right under your nose in plain sight. The silk tapestries shown above I found in a rug factory being done by women with exceptional ability. These are all done with silk threads dyed to the colors they needed and then hand done without any pattern at all. They sew like they are painting a master piece. Each one of these were done over a period of a year working day after day free hand using only the ideas they had in their heads before they started. Silk radiates light and hung on the wall with some direct and some indirect lighting you can see it almost come alive. Expensive yes but unique one of a kind as no two are ever the same. Silk rugs also have this same quality and are excellent for hanging on walls. An art tour of China is very special meeting the artists as well as seeing art in different areas. Earlier I did a blog on my collection of Stone Tea Pots hand made by artists never intended to be used but appreciated for their art value. Tours to China is my business and the Art of China is one of my passions. Click on the photos for full screen viewing.

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