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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tips on Eating Chinese Food

As a China Tour Operator, one of the most popular questions I am asked is about the food. There is a vast variety of food. Above is a typical lunch for a private tour. You can advise your guide of what you like and what you can not eat. I do not like tofu or spicy food myself. Pork and beef are common and the fish is fantastic as most are raised in ponds these days and are alive just before they are cooked so they are very fresh. Freshness is typical in China and the vegetables are delivered daily to the restaurants often just picked that morning or the day before. Breakfasts are very large western style buffets in the city hotels but Chinese style breakfasts in the countryside consisting of usually eggs, tomatoes, bread sticks or rice buns and maybe some vegetables. Dinners are as large as lunches so you never go hungry. MSG is used in most food and you can request that they leave it out in private tours. Group Tours the food is prepared before you arrive and can not be adjusted for individuals. MSG can cause constipation and is used mostly in sauces and gravies so go light on eating those. You will see food in stalls just about everywhere but I caution my clients about eating there as you do not know if the food has been refrigerated or not and you do not want to become ill. Chinese cook just about everything including lettuce. For fruits the standard, "If you can peel it; you can eat it" works for everything. They even peel grapes when they eat them. For more food information I will be writing more about it in future blogs.  25 Years of doing Quality Tours To China.   Check our web site at  

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