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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3rd. World Country ?

As a China Travel Agency doing tours to China only, I receive many inquiries about tours to China. A question like how much does it cost to go to China for two weeks? I try to be respectful and ask "How much does it cost to come to the U.S. for two weeks? China is about the same size as the U.S. so it depends on how far you want to travel within China, how many weeks and of course the hotel level you want to stay in. That narrows it down a bit. Four star hotels are the best value, yet there are good 3 star hotels too as well as wonderful and exotic 5 star hotels. China is thought of as a 3rd World Country yet but that may have been true 25 years ago but hardly today anymore. The photos above show you a very modern and lively Shanghai today when just 25 years ago it was definitely a 3rd world country with donkey carts on the streets etc. Now it is crowded with Mercedes and BMWs. Landing at the new Beijing Capital Airport will give you an idea of what modern airports will look like in the future. Pudong International Airport in Shanghai is another example with the MagLev 280 mph train that takes you into the city in just 7 minutes while the bus or taxi takes over an hour. For more information on China tourism, check out my web site at and sign up to receive my blog stories automatically here on the web site. My 25 years experience of working in China and 50+ trips will give you many insights on up to date information as I travel each year.  Click on the photo for a full screen view!

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