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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lama Temple in Beijing

As a Tours To China, China Travel Agency and Tour Operator to China & Tibet only, I get many questions on China with my 25 years experience of travelling in China. One of the comments I get when I do custom tours for clients is...."Not too many Temples, please". Its like seeing too many churches in Europe as they all start to look alike and you can only see so many. I have checked out many temples in China but one of the most interesting ones in all China is right in Beijing. Few group tours go there because of the lack of parking facilities. It is the Lama Temple complete with monks and their afternoon chanting. What makes it interesting also is the 5 story tall Buddha in the photo above. It has been carved from one Sandalwood tree trunk and then the temple room built over it. Located on the near north side of Beijing it is worth the time to visit along with the rest of the buildings and grounds. I plan custom tours to sites that fit your interests rather than the convenient ones that Group Tour Companies take you to where they take you on shopping stops or just where they have access to with their bus. Check my web site at and my photo album at A list of references of past clients who do not mind being contacted either about their tours or my services is available for the asking.

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