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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Zhrung People

There are 57 minority peoples or tribes in China. The Zhrung people, photo above are one of the most interesting ones living in southern China. This lady was doing needlework when I found her in a small village in Guizhou province. They make their own thread and dye it from natural plants as well as making their own cloth. The shoes are very small but they make them in many sizes and colors. I have friends who collect individual things so when I travel, I often find something to add to their collection that is different. My eye doctor's nurse collects miniature shoes and of course these were perfect for her. A neighbor collects salt and pepper shakers, another collects frogs and I collect stone tea pots which I wrote about earlier. One of a kind items can be found all over China and it is fun to find unique items to collect and bring back with memories of where you obtained them. I always take photos of those artists to remember them by. There are many places in China where there are few tourists and you can see the real China as they live day to day rather than the tourist traps. For a real culture tour, check out my web site. I have been doing private culture tours for 17 years and I have spent 25 years and 50+ trips travelling all through China exploring and finding new places to send my clients. Tours to China is my business as a China only Travel Service. Let my experience help you plan a tour. Click on the photos for full screen viewing.

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