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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Touring Time in China

As a Tour Operator to China for the past 25 years, one of the questions I get asked, is "When is the best time to tour China?" High season is April/May and Sept/Oct. Prices are the highest at these times for hotels but it is also the best weather. Summer months of June, July and August are next and winter months of November through March are the least expensive but colder in the north. Summer months are hot all over China except perhaps in the mountain areas such as cities in North Yunnan and Sichuan province as well as Tibet. The Silk Road area is best seen in late August and through September. By October it gets cold and even snow in some areas of Xinjiang province. Summer months are hot but most is air conditioned and cities like LiJiang, Kunming, Dali, Zhongdian, Lhasa and other mountain cities are cooler and can be included in a summer tour. If your tour includes mountain areas such as Sichuan province in the remote areas these are best seen from mid July through the end of September. By October it is snowing already which I experienced first hand as you can see above. Local people were still selling snacks at this mountain area in Sichuan province although I was the only person there that day. For more information on Travel To China contact me at

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