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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bargain Shopping in China

Most people like Bargain Shopping in China. But what is a bargain to one may not be a bargain to another. You must check quality to be sure. There are 3 kinds of "knock off" watches. #1 lasts until you get out the door #2 lasts until you get back to the hotel #3 Lasts a few years if you are careful with it and you should pay about $40  to $60 for those. At $10 you know how long that one will last. Clothes can be a real bargain if they are over runs and not knock offs or irregulars. You need to know your sewing to check those out. When it comes to sizes do not trust the labels. I wear a X-large shirt. I must try them on and usually end up with a XXXX-large if it is a knock off. Antiques are usually 90% copies. There are a few good local places but you must know where they are located. The real antiques are in stores and must have a red wax seal on them. I have picked up some real antiques in the countryside sold by the locals but hard to find. The best Bargain shopping has been in Beijing and Shanghai for variety. Hand made clothes and others can be found everywhere and are good bargains. Best is to take a private tour and ask to include some local shopping. The Group tours take you to high priced shopping stops where the guides and local travel services get kick backs for taking you there. An inexpensive group tour usually includes 3 of these shopping stops per day and you are locked into them. For more information, contact me through our web site at  Let my 25 years Experience in China help you plan your tour.

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