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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Many people want to hike in China but do not know where to go. It really depends on your level of hiking and what you expect. The photos above are from a hike at the Four Sister Mountains area inhabited by Tibetan people in Sichuan province. I sent three women who were seasoned hikers into that area for a wonderful experience of meeting some of the local people. We use pack horses or yaks for hikers to carry the tents, camping equipment, food and supplies. They went as high as 12,000 feet into the snows. At that altitude the hiking season is short from July through September. With so many mountains in China there are many hiking possibilities but don't expect a lot of trails to follow as Chinese people seldom hike. Many areas have small areas to travel on a path but they are walk ways to villages or small towns in the mountains. The hike along Tiger Leaping Gorge is an interesting one for avid hikers with 3,000  foot gains which can be done in a day or two days as you can overnight in  guest houses. For more places on hiking and information contact me through my web site at There are many other hikes that can be all day or half day depending on your time available or interest and ability.

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