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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Temple Not To Be Missed in Beijing

When I am working with clients I often hear that they do not want to see too many temples. Over the past 20+ years I have visited hundreds of temples myself. Like Churches in Europe there are some that you do not want to miss. One Temple like that is the Lama Temple in Beijing which is close in and easy to get to but seldom included in tours because buses have a difficulty getting to it. Monks are still at this temple and can often be seen at prayer time chanting in the main temple room where the 5 story tall Buddha carved from one sandalwood tree trunk is located. Photos are forbidden but you can buy postcards like the one above. The temple was actually built around it after it was located there. So when in Beijing take the time to go see this temple if it is not included in your tour. Tours of China is our business so if you are looking for a China Tour Package or a private Custom China Tour, we are your U.S. China Tour Operator with over 20 years experience. Ask for our references of past customers who do not mind being contacted either about their tours or our services as a China Tour Company.

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