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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Temples in China

Temples in China are like churches in Europe. They are all beautiful but you can't see them all and they start looking all alike after awhile. So it is important on a tour to perhaps see the best ones which can be identified by your tour operator or your guides. Having travelled through China for 25 years I try to see as many as possible and identify those worth the efforts of visiting by my clients. The temple above is less than 15 years old but very unique located out in the middle of Sichuan province at 10,000 feet. Decorated in 24ct. gold leaf it can be seen for 50 miles away on a sunny day. It is estimated at today's value the gold on the outside is worth in excess of U.S. $8 million dollars. Note the front door is decorated in copper leaf and gold leaf with the roof and decorations done in pure gold leaf. Photographs of this temple inside are not allowed and receives very few visitors in this remote area. On my web site  this temple is included in my package tour listed as an Ecological Tour of Sichuan province going up the Tea Horse Road to Danba at 10,000 feet and over a pass that reaches close to 17,000 feet above sea level. For more interesting temple visits let us plan a tour just for you. Tours to China has been our business for 23 years. Let us send you our references of clients who do not mind telling you about their private custom tour to China designed just for them. As a China Tour Operator we like to think we create lasting memories for you rather than just site seeing a beautiful country with kind and friendly people. Click on the photos for a full screen view!

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