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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chinese Food While Touring China

As a tour operator food is one of the top subjects that I get questions asked. There is of course a difference in food quality not only in China but in any country when you are on a tour. Tour Operators need to be competitive yet most want to offer a quality tour. Hotels and Food are two areas where Operators can save money in order to be competitive. It is my toughest challenge to provide a quality tour and excellent food and still be competitive. Clients sometimes just make decisions based on price only when there is so much more to the cost of a tour. Group tours must be taken to restaurants that provide pre-cooked food or Buffets and the quality of food is often middle of the road as we are use to more bland food in the West. Private tours can choose any restaurant they want but still must adhere to a budget in order to be competitive. Private tours can adjust to your diet requirements or some of your likes and dislikes. You can request to have some dinners on your own where you can order better dishes. This seems to be the best answer rather than providing more expensive meals that make us less competitive. The Lunch in the top photo is lunch for two at a normal cost. The meal shown below is about 40% more in cost. Both include a beverage and soup. For more information on Food in China contact us directly at

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