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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pottery Find in Remote Village

On our way from Shangrila to LiJiang, our driver knew of a family that made pottery that he thought we might be interested in. They live in a small remote village that was very difficult to find. Eight generations of this family have been making pottery for centuries the same way. Above the father and son were working in a room with only light from a single window. Another son was working in another room. Two grandsons were blending clay in the basement. The remarkable part is that they do not use a spinning wheel but turn a wooden platform around by hand while forming the clay with the other hand. I asked why they didn't use an electric or foot operated wheel. They replied that it has been made the same way for centuries that way so they do not change. The samples above are blackened with a by product of the process and is the only color they use. They only sell it out of their home to the surrounding villages and often have standing orders. We of course bought some pieces and brought them home with us more for decoration than to use. During my 50+ trips of travel throughout China looking for new places to send my clients, I often find very unique places like this to experience the cultures in China. Tours to China is my business and I hope I can do a tour for you too. Check us out on our web site at  Click on the photos for full Screen!

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