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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning About Muslims and Ughurs in Kashgar

When in Kashgar on the boarder of Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is a great time to learn about the Ughurs and the Muslim religion. Our friend, Ekbar pictured above is an excellent guide and source of great information since he is Ughur and has lived in Kashgar all his life. Although most known for the Saturday/Sunday market at the Bazaar; Kashgar has many Mosques since it is populated mostly by Muslims. As I wrote earlier it is common to walk into a strange home when both doors are open to visit with the family even though you are a stranger to them. Note above Ekbar and my wife and I just walked in and Ekbar picked up one of the musical instruments and started playing to the delight of the family. Note the colorful rugs in the living space as well as the highly decorated walls. The family eats and sleeps in this room. Unfortunately group tours are not able to do home visits but perhaps you will be able to find some free time to visit the Ughur Old sections of the city on your own. Private tours for two to six people are better able to do home visits and I do provide this service for my clients who are interested in learning more about the local cultures in all areas of the country. I have introduced some new tours along the Silk Road this past year so check my web site at .   Click on the photos for full screen viewing.

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