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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lunch with Friends

After 21 years and 50 trips to China one develops many friendships. Above my friends and I often go out on day trips together. One of our favorite things to do is having good food in local restaurants. My friend, Mr. Li, is an excellent cook and often just goes out into the kitchen of the restaurants and cooks our lunch with some special recipe that he knows. Other cooks often watch him to learn his techniques. I too go out into the kitchens and see what they are preparing for the day or just to learn something new as I love to cook too. The atmosphere isn't as important as enjoying great food especially with fresh ingredients available in the countryside. One still needs to be careful of where you eat because of sanitary conditions but your guide will know the places to go. If you notice, I haven't missed too many meals in my life and China is a fantastic country to enjoy good food. During my trips I often review restaurants especially in the larger cities where I send clients on tours. Tours of China is my business as a China Tour Company specializing in Private Custom Tours to the client's interests for the past 20 years. Let my experience as a China Tour Operator do a tour just for you.

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