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Friday, February 12, 2010

Visiting Churches in China

I give talks on China now and then as well as slide shows in the Seattle area. Someone asked me about churches in China. In Europe people like to visit churches and usually in China people like to visit Temples. There are some beautiful churches in China and above is one Cathedral in Beijing. There is a South Beijing Cathedral the Immaculate Conception one built in 1904, the Beitang Cathedral built in 1887, Xishiku Cathedral and the St. Joseph's church on Wangfujing street which most tourists see in the shopping district. There are others as well including some Protestant churches but most seem to be Catholic. Masses are generally early in the morning and Sunday masses are often standing room only. In Shanghai the largest Cathedral there has an English mass but most are in Chinese of course. Most churches are locked during the day so if you want to tour the insides of any church be sure to go early in the morning before, during or just after the masses. Earlier I wrote about a Catholic church in south China that was rebuilt by the government in a very poor area after their church was destroyed in a bad storm. Tours to China is my business as a China Tour Operator with China tour packages and customized tours to your interests and needs. We do Yangtze River Cruise tours also.   Click on the photos for a full screen view!

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