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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Site seeing in China can often be very overwhelming at times. With so many sites some often get overlooked and can be walked by without knowing it. The Beijing Hotel is one of those sites right in the middle of Beijing. It is a very historical part of history in China since much of what happened both politically and socially happened at the Beijing Hotel. Above is a photo of the entrance to the Grand Ballroom. Often left open, take a peek inside and you will see one of the great Ballrooms of Asia still kept as it was when it was built. Actually the hotel is a series of additions and now has three hotels within it. The Beijing Hotel, Raffles Hotel and the Grand Beijing Hotel. You can walk through the main hall that leads through all three hotels with shops, restaurants and classical decor of China. Located on the corner block of Wangfujing street and Changon Avenue right in the central area it is a must walk through site to visit. The hotels were redecorated a few  years ago and brought up to date but still maintains its classic atmosphere.
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