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Friday, May 21, 2010

Children of China

For people who want to interact with the local people in China, you will find the children most active especially in the small towns or countryside. You may hear a enthusiastic "Hello" with a big smile as you pass by although many young people are learning English now in primary school as the #2 language. I am finding more and more young people who speak English if they are not so shy. You will note in the photos above how well dressed the children are and this is typical with a wide variety of clothes available or made by their family. In the minority areas you will often see children dressed in their traditional clothes worn every day such as the little girl dancing above. She came to my guide in the afternoon and had him ask me if I would dance with her that evening at the nightly dance in the Square. Of course I agreed and she sought me out that evening to dance as awkward as I was at their traditional dancing. I often bring wrapped American candy such as Tootsie Rolls to share with them on special occasional meetings such as these. If you bring your own children to China, chance meetings with Chinese children can often be done in city parks especially on weekends. Visiting schools is often difficult as it tends to disrupt classes but sometimes in the remote areas teachers often enjoy visitors since the children do not often have an opportunity to interact with foreigners. We specialize in private custom tours to China for the past 25 years. I particularly enjoy doing tours for families where you will be able to meet Chinese families not only in the parks but in their homes to see how they live too. For more information contact us at  or view my web site at   Click on the photos for a full screen view.

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