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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Biking in China

Clients are often asking me about biking in China. One of the best places I have found is near Guilin where you can bike out to Yangshuo town amongst the hay stack like hills. Flat roads are easy with little traffic and the scenery is fantastic. One can rent a bike for about $3 per day and it is a great way to visit the many villages and countryside along the Li River. As you can see above I really get into the spirit of it. The shorts I had made for about $4 since I only had long pants with me. The shirt I bought to the chagrin of the shop keeper who made the shorts for me. It says "I have no Money" which I thought appropriate to keep the "sellers" away. Actually it got many snickers from the local people perhaps thinking that I didn't know what it meant. In any case I and my guide had a fantastic day visiting local villages and farmers in their fields. We had lunch with a family in their home in the countryside too. Finding a good local guide to take me around and translate with the local people really made the day perfect. To this day I still recommend "Wendy" Li in Yangshuo to take my clients around her area where she lives near Yangshuo. A half day biking and a half day at the local cooking school gives you a real China experience you won't soon forget. Tours to China is my business for over 25 years. I hope I have the opportunity to plan a tour just for you and your special interests.  Check out my web site at: 

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