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Thursday, May 26, 2011

China is a Vegetarian's Paradise

If you are Vegetarian or just love a variety of fresh vegetables, China is your cup of Tea.... A refrigerator has been a luxury up until a few years ago and Chinese people got use to buying fresh vegetables, meat, live fish etc. every day at the markets. Many are still without refrigerators but fresh is best and the people still cling to buying fresh every day whether it be at the market or "home delivery" as you see above by enterprising farmers. Markets are everywhere in China. Would you believe the cheapest prices are in the mornings when everything is freshest and plentiful. As the day wears on the price goes up....Why? The market people say, "Because there is less of it". Supply and Demand! So you will see people out in the early mornings buying what they will have for dinner that night. Going out for an early morning walk is the best as you see the villages and cities coming to life with early morning shopping, exercising in the parks or going about their daily errands. Afternoons are Tea time in the tea houses and parks which is another good time to mix with the locals. Tours To China is my business but the passion for their culture is my main interest and hopefully yours too.

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