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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chinese Dumplings

Northern China is known for dumplings...and I have eaten quite a few over the years. In Xian, known for Dumplings, there use to be one or two special restaurants that specialized in Traditional Shaanxi Dumplings. The group tours filled these restaurants every night and soon many restaurants were featuring Chinese dumplings trying to get the attention of the tourists that flock to that city each year. I spend a great deal of time in China seeking special places to send my clients that are off the beaten path or just a unique culture experience that not every tourist is able to enjoy. Above you see some dumplings made into animals, like the rabbits, frogs and some lotus flowers. There are many more in a special restaurant that I found in Xian that specializes in Shaanxi local food and of course wonderful dumplings with a wide variety of fillings including pork, shrimp, vegetables and many more. Finding special restaurants, sites and unique experiences is what I do. I hope I may do a tour for you one day and share these special places in China for you too. Tours to China is my business, but the Chinese Culture is my passion for over 25 years.  Click on the photos for full screen viewing!

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